We invite you to walk with us through the historic centre of Prague.

Our WWII Tour itinerary is based on thousands of hours of studying of Prague uprising battlefields, operation Anthropoid documents and other World War II research. Thanks to our knowledge of Prague and its history, we are able to present our WWII Tour that is unmatched in its authenticity.

  • Enter the 12th-century underground that served as a Bomb Shelter

  • Visit the crypt of the Operation Anthropoid beneath the cathedral of saints Cyril and Methodius

  • Walk down Prague streets and compare the landmarks to those in archived pictures

  • See a safe house of Czech resistance and infamous NSDAP (nazi party) headquarters

  • Discover our private collection of WWII artifacts and memorabilia

  • Learn about the fate of Czech Jews during World War II while visiting the Jewish Quarter

Enter Prague uprising battleground in the Old Town, explore the underground Air-raid shelter in the cellar of the palace U Kunstatu and discover our private collection of WWII memorabilia .

Visit the crypt of Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral where the Czechoslovak parachutists paid their ultimate price and find out the details about the "Operation Anthropoid", a plan to carry out the assassination of the "Butcher of Prague“ and the"Gestapo Executioner", SS-Obergrupenführer Reinhard Heydrich.

World War II in Prague tour has a very dynamic concept with plenty of tales, personal stories and archive photographs. The tour offers everyone with a desire to know more about the Nazi occupation and the Czech resistance a unique perspective of a particularly difficult stage of the conflict.