Adelaide - Tripadvisor
As my father was a student of Engineering in Prague during WWII this tour was very close to my heart. Seeing the buildings with bullet holes in them and going into the tunnels under Old Town Square made me feel as though I was walking in my Dads footsteps. We had a wonderful guide whose knowledge was amazing and she was able to give me an insight into what it was like when Dad lived there. He didn't talk much about it so this was important to me. Highly recommend this tour.

Harvey Hyman -
I can genuinely say that the two hour tour by Marek was the highlight of my trip to Prague. I found it truly fascinating and very informative and the passion that Jakob has, shone through loud and clear. Personally, I think this tour is a must for anyone visiting Prague.

- Australia
Absolute Eye Opener
Having first hand experience of the Holocaust this tour was important. What a sureil experience tounderstand what Prague & its people went through. It motivated me to purchase a number of relaive publications & films. Horrific yes but so very educational & regardless of faith or religion it is worth every effort.

Jenns Dissing - FB
A really gifted story-teller and an person who is very devoted to the lovely city of Prague and the city's trials during the German occupation. Besides that a really nice person who will also give you details on the city - useful for the tourist who visits Prague for the first time. The tour is worth every penny - and he does not want money up front...if you like the tour you pay.
Gabriell Kristjanson - Tripadvisor
This tour was absolutely fantastic. I really can't say enough about it—I even thought about taking it twice! The tour guide, Pavel, is knowledgeable, interesting and very enthusiastic. He provides historic background and context that give new meaning to the streets, buildings and people of Prague. I am not a historian by any means and usually find history boring, but Marek told the stories of his country and his people in a way that was engaging and relevant. I had no idea that Prague was such an important part of the history of WWII. I very highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Prague.

Franklin Orosco - FB
I found this tour to be very helpful in understanding what lead up to the occupation of Czech and the Slovak Republic, the major issues and events in the period up to May 1945, and then even an overview of post-WW II events. The guide takes the time to show you archival photos of certain locations as you are there so you can understand better what happened. You get off the main streets and see some fascinating sights like the apt exterior where resistance radio signals were being sent, the underground tunnels near the Powder Tower that were used by resistance fighters, the Heydrich assasination and aftermath. He ties things together to help you see the relations among the people who lived in Bohemia, Morava and Slovakia so you come away with a clearer understanding of the events that transpired from the '30's to the '90's. He is well-informed, interesting and interested himself in his country's history and future fate. I recommend this tour highly.

Mathew Enright - FB
This was the best and most interesting tour I took in my week in Prague. Brilliant!!!

Krista Helmboldt & John Hamilton
“The Assassination Tour was engaging and interesting but the stories, and insights about the Russian invaders and the brave rebels were so unsettling and important to know that it remains the highlight of my visit to Prague. It invites you into the tragic chapter in history and reveals the true soul of the City”

Jeremy Cooper - FB

Fantastic tour, thank you for all of the information! I recommend this tour for anyone interested in WWII, Bohemia, Prague, Communism, and History!
Thank you again!!
Merav Tshorny - FB
Thank you Marketa for an informative and educating tour, filled with humor and amazing facts that swept us away for two hours, which felt like 5 minutes.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Farewell from Israel,

Merav and Runny.

Leigh W - Tripadvisor
How do more people not know about this on Trip Advisor? By far the highlight and best tour of our trip. The guide is so passionate about his subject and really gave us insight into what it was like living in Prague during WWII. He also had some great personal information on what it was like growing up under communism. You get a great tour of unusual places that you would never have found with a guidebook, and much needed background info. Not just for WWII buffs, but for anyone who enjoys interesting historical facts. If you go to Prague, you can't miss this tour--it will be the most original and interesting tour of your trip.